Bamboo is perfect for babies and children

If you’ve ever seen me, or read anything I’ve written, anywhere before, you’ll know that I love bamboo.  It’s a really special fabric and I’d love to tell you why.

Firstly, a little bit about me and how I got here.

When my second child was born I discovered muslin swaddling blankets and loved them instantly.  They were huge, not as thick and heavy as traditional blankets, and had other uses. The only thing was, they didn’t feel as ‘special’ as a lovely blanket does.  They were made of cotton, they weren’t that soft, and they went all crinkly when washed. (And as a busy mum where was I going to find time to iron them?!)

So when I decided to embark on creating my own (which is a whole other story), I wanted them to be different to others on the market.  Tiny Chipmunk muslin swaddles are certainly unique in design (they’ve been custom-made, just for us), enormous (four foot by four foot) and they’re made of 100% bamboo, rather than cotton.

This was a very deliberate choice.  I truly believe bamboo, with all its wonderful properties, is the perfect fabric for wrapping a baby in and I want to offer the best possible products.

The benefits of bamboo

Firstly, bamboo is incredibly soft. It has smooth fibres, which have been likened to cashmere or silk, and it gets softer each time you wash it.  It doesn’t cling, drape, or get static. (Or crinkle in the wash!)

It’s also naturally insulating.  This means it’s warm, but also breathable, making it perfect in all temperatures and helps to prevent your baby from overheating.  Bamboo is absorbent and actually wicks moisture away from the skin (like some sports gear is designed to do), keeping your baby dry and more comfortable.

This is why our bamboo towels are absolutely perfect for bath time, swimming time, or anytime you need to dry off!  They actually absorb four times more water than a cotton towel!

As well as feeling amazing, this absorbency means it can pick up your scent, making it super-comforting for your baby, which can even help their sleep!  

My top tip: sleep with a muslin blanket, then use it to swaddle your baby (or perhaps as a cot sheet, if they’ve grown out of swaddling) the next day and your scent will help to soothe and comfort them.

It’s UV resistant - so great to use to cover little arms and legs on a sunny day.  (I always wrapped a blanket around my baby’s legs when she was in the sling to keep the sun off.)

Bamboo has unique natural anti-bacterial qualities, which make it perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin, especially for those with skin sensitivities.  Bacteria doesn’t live well in bamboo - so it doesn’t thrive. It’s also deodorising, so won’t get smelly!

This means you can wash all our products at a low temperature and they will still stay fresh for years to come!

Finally (although I could go on!) bamboo is great for the environment.  It’s the fastest growing plant on earth, requires no pesticides, no fertilisers and very little water to grow.  Because it grows so fast it needs to be harvested more frequently and does not take up as much space as other harvested plants. It’s also 100% biodegradable, unlike man-made fabrics.

As you can see, I am so passionate about this wonderful fabric and hope you’ll agree that it’s the best possible choice for you, for your child and for the environment.

If this was a lot of reading, why not take a look at this quick video, which outlines all the benefits!

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